About Eileen Campbell

I’m an inspirational writer and yogi.  My life has been dominated by books, whether reading them, writing them, talking about them or publishing them.  I find books to be food for my soul and want to share the inspiration they have given me with others.

Writing on mindfulness, personal transformation and joyful living, my books include: The Book of Hope (or The Woman’s Book of Hope -  in the USA);  The Book of Joy  (or The Woman’s Book of Joy - in the USA); Wake Up and Hear the Thunder; NOW is the Time for Change; The Joy of Gardening; Time to Be; A Dancing Star; A Lively Flame; The Unknown Region; A Fabulous Gift; Healing Our Hearts and Lives; Dictionary of Mind, Body and Spirit.

All my books are designed to inspire, motivate and encourage positive thinking.  They are perfect for reflecting on some of life’s big questions and reassuring during times of change.  They have been described by the media as ‘treasures of timeless wisdom’.

I have studied with a variety of teachers from different traditions, seeking inspiration in my quest for answers to life’s perennial questions, and bring a wealth of knowledge and life experience to my books.

As well as writing inspirational books, I am known for my pioneering publishing in the fields of health, personal development and spirituality.

I have also written and presented for BBC radio and have given talks in venues around the world.

My interests, besides meditation and yoga, are organic gardening, music (both Eastern and Western) and art – all of which help me find my meaning and purpose and keep me connected to the Source of life.