The arrival of Spring



Once again the Spring Equinox is here, heralding new life and offering hope for better days to come.  The long dark winter is over and  the light is increasing daily.  Yes, we may have haze and low cloud right now, and long for the sun to break through, but all around us the signs of abundant life returning are evident - delicate pink and white blossom adorning the trees, soft green leaves unfurling, a symphony of birdsong, and the cheerful swaying of daffodils in the breeze.


The pandemic has taken its toll - we have all been affected, though some have had more grief  and hardship to bear than others.  Many are anxious about the future and not knowing what will come next is a real challenge.  The flip side of uncertainty however is that anything is possible.  Recognising and embracing this with courage and with hope is the way forward.


The future is nothing more than an infinite succession of present moments.  Nothing we do can stop time unfolding, but we can try to spend our time wisely.  Remembering that we’re constantly growing as human beings,  our lives are enriched if we live with awareness and an open heart.  When we  slow down and become aware of our surroundings and feelings, we can consciously appreciate the beauty of the world, and are able to connect with something greater than ourselves.  That something is what makes us joyful, for we see how good things really are, and can focus on what matters.


The arrival of spring is an opportunity to look at the world anew and reminds us that there is every reason to celebrate, as  many cultures around the globe do with their varied festivals.   So do all you can to enjoy the light-filled days and the many blessings of the unfolding spring!