Ring Out Wild Bells

We're living through a period which seems more challenging than anything we have faced in decades.  On every front there is widespread, rapid and profound change... Read more

THE SHIFT – What’s really happening!

During periods of great change and turmoil, both hope and despair seem to be present.  We hope that things will get better, but also fear that they might get worse... Read more

The Garden Path – finding one’s way in life through gardening

Gardening is more than a hobby or interest – it’s a way of life, which not only affects our physical health but also our emotional, psychological and spiritual well... Read more

Where to find Joy

Deep within us exists a vast reservoir of pure joy which we have all on occasions probably had experience of, but which we’re generally disconnected from, so that... Read more

The Ten Wisdom Keys and Conscious Evolution

‘Today is what it is because yesterday was what it was.  And if today is like yesterday, tomorrow will be like today.  If you want tomorrow to be different, you... Read more

The Circle of Life

Life’s journey unfolds through childhood, youth, adulthood, mid-life and old age.  Gradually we discover the secret of living. But it’s only when we make the... Read more

The Hero's (or Heroine's) Journey

The hero’s/heroine’s journey occurs in every culture, at every period of history – in myth and fairy-tales, in great literature, opera and film.  It is also our... Read more

The Benefits of Meditation

Our restless minds are a big problem for us.  Not only do they tend to be constantly busy with random thoughts, but also many of our thoughts are negative.  They... Read more