The Inner Journey

I have been blessed to have travelled a great deal in my life,  but the older I get,  the more I find that the outer journeys, exciting as they have been, do not match up to the inner one.

I am finding that it is the inner journey, the spiritual path, that brings greater rewards and contentment. I’ve discovered that ageing can be enriching as I’m more inclined to self-reflection and just being in the moment, not something my younger self could have imagined.



We seem to be living in apocalyptic times of unbearable and incomprehensible human suffering.  Each one of us is affected by the deeply disturbing news from our media to a greater or lesser degree, and the horrors give rise to a huge range of  conflicting emotions.


Everything in our world is interrelated and we need to look at action and reaction in a wider context.   There is a systemic interconnection among the events that happen on our planet, and how we think, feel and behave has an effect on the whole.


Summer Solstice is a magical time!

Planet Earth has once again reached the midpoint of her annual journey around the sun.  Here in the northern hemisphere the Summer Solstice is a magical time, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, giving us the longest day of the year.

Traditionally it has always been a day of joy and celebration when we cannot help but appreciate the beauty and bounty of midsummer.  It's also a deeply meaningful time when we can reconnect with Nature and find nourishment and healing.

Revolutionary energy is in the air...

A Super 'Buck' Moon, a Comet and a host of planetary conjunctions are making this an intense and dramatic time for everyone.  Revolutionary energy seems to be in the air, pushing for change both in our own lives and in the world around us.

Take time out for yourself and discover who you are!



Since  The Woman’s Book of Joy was first published in 2016 the pace of change and resulting upheaval in the world has increased exponentially.  It’s hard not to feel de-stabilized by everything that’s happening, and anxiety and fear can overwhelm us.  For women it has been particularly challenging, and trying to deal with all the issues that face us has left many thinking there has to be a better way of living.


A network of shining lights this Spring Equinox


Spring is always a magical time, full of promise and hope for better things to come - a time of rebirth and renewal.   In India the festival of Holi has just been celebrated with the joyful throwing of coloured powders. It’s the end of winter and the beginning of spring, and a time for singing and dancing.  In China the Li Chun festival sees people decorating eggs and trying to balance them, in the hope of having fortune smile on them for the rest of the year.


The way of the heart in a time of crisis

We seem to have entered a dark new phase in our current age of crisis and uncertainty.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the horrors it has unleashed seem incomprehensible.  Does history just keep repeating itself, is a third world war inevitable,  and have we as human beings learned nothing from the past?   Or is it possible that we can change?


We can't mend the world but we can help reshape it


I enjoyed the send-up of the media, the scientists and the politicians in “Don’t Look Up”, a recent film about a PhD student’s discovery of a huge asteroid headed towards planet Earth. On the one hand it’s totally believable that those in power wouldn’t take seriously the fact that we could be headed towards the 6th extinction, preferring to focus on their own self-interest.   On the other hand, there have been all kinds of initiatives - by governments, organisations and individuals to help combat climate change and reshape our world.


A miracle is taking place

Can we add to the light that is breaking through across the world?


Right now at the end of 2021 darkness and gloom appear to reign and the problems of the world may seem overwhelming.  Yet amidst the turbulence there are many indications that light is increasing as individuals reassess their values and re-prioritize what really matters in their lives.


‘Each age is a dream that is dying, or one that is coming to birth …’


We’ve arrived at a crossroads where we have a choice.  We can continue headlong into the collapse of civilisation as we know it and life on earth itself, or we can try to create a different kind world.  On many fronts we are facing crises, but they are all pointing us in one direction - that of fundamental change.