Taking a risk

I was so thrilled to unpack the advance copies of my new book, The Woman's Book of Joy, when the package arrived fom my publisher.  I sat and stared at it, savouring the moment.  Along with the feeling of elation and pride, however, I was surprised to experience a sense of trepidation.  Knowing that it's part of my job as an author to reach out publicly to my potential readers - those who want inspiration in their lives - made me  feel vulnerable.  I suddenly felt overwhelmed at the thought of everything there was now to do.  How was I to get to grips with social media?

Spirituality is on the increase

According to a new survey carried out in the UK*, almost half of those polled have no religion.  Hardly a surprise - given the general loss of trust in organizations and institutions, rampant materialism and prevailing liberal attitudes.

Fortunately it doesn’t mean that people don’t believe in a higher power or don’t engage in some kind of spiritual practice, such as prayer or meditation.