2021 A Turning Point - we are all change-makers!



We are not living in unprecedented times, as many keep claiming - just different and immensely challenging times!  Even the briefest of reviews of history reveal that humanity has lived through countless terrible times before, when all hope seemed lost, and yet the human race has survived, adapted and evolved.


Granted man-made climate change and the potential destruction of our planet is something very different and frightening, but there is no reason that with enough will, determination, and ingenuity, this cannot be reversed.  Likewise all the other ills so prevalent in our world, whether we’re talking about violence, injustice, inequality, poverty, addiction, or depression, can with sufficient will be tackled.  With courage and optimism, and genuine concern for others, things can change.


The systems that until now have prevailed in our world have been shown to be deficient and unsustainable.  How we live is being brought into question, never more so than in 2020, this year of Covid 19, the pandemic that we are all having to deal with, and which has highlighted the necessity for change.  The old paradigm is giving way to the new.  The way we live, work, consume, go about our lives and relate to each other and our communities is changing, and what we care about and value is shifting.  At such times of chaos there is of course danger, but there is also opportunity.


Every spiritual tradition has arisen during times of chaos and upheaval, and has counselled us to turn inwards to find answers to perplexing issues.  But this is not about escaping from the world to find peace and calm only for ourselves - it is about having a clearer perspective on our dysfunctional world and understanding what needs to be done. Turning inwards helps us become more self-aware, but also more aware of others and their needs, to whom we can respond with kindness.  We can each become change-makers by becoming caring and compassionate human beings.  Together we can take an evolutionary leap and help create a better world.  We can reimagine and rebuild our current society with systems that truly serve and work for all, knowing that we are not separate but one interconnected humanity.


Let 2021 be the year we all choose to find deeper purpose in our lives by joining together in this great groundswell of change happening all around us and playing our unique part in the transformation that is unfolding.