We seem to be living in apocalyptic times of unbearable and incomprehensible human suffering.  Each one of us is affected by the deeply disturbing news from our media to a greater or lesser degree, and the horrors give rise to a huge range of  conflicting emotions.


Everything in our world is interrelated and we need to look at action and reaction in a wider context.   There is a systemic interconnection among the events that happen on our planet, and how we think, feel and behave has an effect on the whole.


We must stay strong and fearless and not be overwhelmed by the chaos and despair.  We have to hang on to hope - the hope that things can be different, the hope that humanity can come to understand ‘the causes behind the causes’ of suffering, and that we can all chose a better way to live.


One way for us to deal with  the situation is to work on quietening our minds.  When we practise choosing stillness and silence, instead of dwelling on the pain and suffering, or distracting ourselves  in order to escape the horrors we hear about or see on our screens, we are choosing a better way.  When we still our minds in meditation, mantra or prayer, we connect with a force greater than ourselves - the universal life-force that flows through everything.


Connecting with other pools of like-minded consciousness can shift the collective consciousness.  Each one of us can have an effect on the whole.  Joining together with sincerity and hope and allowing the heart to open, there can be healing.  Revenge comes out of anger and fear, but in understanding there is hope, and with hope, peace is a possibility.


Each one of us can choose the better way of being a beam of light  like a candle in the darkness, and each candle can light another, and then another, until the world is lit with understanding and compassion.