A miracle is taking place

Can we add to the light that is breaking through across the world?


Right now at the end of 2021 darkness and gloom appear to reign and the problems of the world may seem overwhelming.  Yet amidst the turbulence there are many indications that light is increasing as individuals reassess their values and re-prioritize what really matters in their lives.


Old belief systems and ways of living are crumbling and there is huge uncertainty and instability.  More light and greater clarity is possible and we can take our inspiration from the festivals celebrating the light that cluster together at this end of the year - Divali, Hannukah and Christmas, by being joyful and positive and doing all we can personally to banish the darkness.


The Christian message of the birth of the divine child is one of a light-bringing hero, a messiah who will lead us out of darkness.  Such a message is not unique to Christianity, but appears in many other religions and myths throughout history and across all cultures - the Ancient Egyptian Osiris, the Hindu Krishna, the Greek Dionysus, the Persian Mithras, the Tibetan Gesar, the South American Quetzalcoatl - to mention just a few examples.


The seasonal renewal and rebirth with the solstice (which sees the days begin to lengthen again here in the northern hemisphere) is always a time for reflection.  As we turn inward, we can help bring more light into the world by refusing to get sucked into the prevailing fears and anxiety by living in love.  It’s time to deepen our spiritual practice, whatever path we’re on.  More light and love should be our focus.  It is after all the season of giving, and there is no greater gift than to give whole-heartedly of ourselves to help make the world a better place for others.


So we can light a candle, say a prayer, be kind, and connect with other like-minded souls as the old order gives way to the new.  We can spend time meditating and raising our vibrational level, setting  new intentions to help birth this new world.  A  miracle is taking place as the light increases and new ways of being and living are emerging.


Do listen to this beautiful and haunting Appalachian carol with its message of  great love.