A network of shining lights this Spring Equinox


Spring is always a magical time, full of promise and hope for better things to come - a time of rebirth and renewal.   In India the festival of Holi has just been celebrated with the joyful throwing of coloured powders. It’s the end of winter and the beginning of spring, and a time for singing and dancing.  In China the Li Chun festival sees people decorating eggs and trying to balance them, in the hope of having fortune smile on them for the rest of the year.


The world scenario may seem overwhelming right now, with darkness, destruction and suffering prevailing.  And yet however turbulent and chaotic the times we are living thorough may be, each one of us has an opportunity to help change things.


On Friday there was  a full Moon in Virgo, this weekend is the Spring Equinox, and in April there is a powerful Neptune-Jupiter conjunction - this incoming energy will help recharge us.  We are empowered to become beacons of light amidst the darkness manifesting in our world.  It is natural to feel fear at such a time of upheaval, but we have to let go of it and focus our energy on light and healing.


Astrologically, since 2008 the planet Pluto has been transiting through Capricorn where it remains until 2024.   This has been such a difficult time for the whole world, starting with the financial crash of 2008, then the Pandemic, and now a war which threatens us all.  The last time the planet Pluto was in Capricorn was between 1762 and 1778 when we had the American revolution.


Pluto’s role is to transform and regenerate.  It breaks down structure and entrenched hierarchy, dismantles the previous era and exposes power struggles, corruption and injustice, and at the same time reforms for a new era.


All our crises and conflicts, our political, economic and social problems are leading to a radical shift.  The war in Ukraine is a wake-up call.  We cannot help but feel compassion for the tremendous suffering.  The tragedy is that we are one earth, one humanity, and fail to recognise it.  Our task right now is to realise the connectedness of all things.The challenge is to let go of the past and not to keep repeating the same mistakes.  Whilst remaining aware of the problems, we have to stay focused, we have to send out as much light and love and healing as we can muster.  Each one of us can join with the network of shining lights across the world, and try to live in love,  thereby helping to create a better future for all.  The paradigm shift is happening, a new era of consciousness and compassion beckons.