Dealing with dark times can help us become more resilient

We have no guarantee about the future, but we exist in the hope of something better.’  The Dalai Lama


Hope is both a choice and an action.  If we give way to despair about the chaos of our world or our own personal circumstances, we are unable to do anything to change the situation.  And although human history is a catalog of woes, it’s worth remembering that it is also rich with magnanimous acts of courage, sacrifice, and compassion.


We need to practice being hopeful, like exercising a muscle.  We can focus on a future that looks better than the way things are at the present time.  What we put into practice becomes habit.  When we shift our perspective and face the situation head on, things begin to look different.  Not only do we find ourselves surviving, but we also become empowered.


The experiences of dark times contribute to our growth and maturity.  We become resilient.  Crisis asks of us to bring forth the best of ourselves and use our strengths and talents to help others.  As we do that, our world is transformed.


Affirmation for the day I choose hope and am dealing with the situation I face


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