Flourishing in a dysfunctional world

All of us want to flourish – to live a life that makes us feel happy and fulfilled and be the best we can be.

Yet it’s hardly surprising that in today’s world many of us end up suffering from anxiety and stress.  To start with, there’s the endless stream of news stories percolating through the media reminding us of how dysfunctional our society is, whether it’s the latest bombing or a mass shooting, an epic man-made environmental disaster, or yet another downturn in the economy – there’s always bad news of some sort (after all that’s what the media thrives on!), and it’s hard to avoid it.

Then there’s the sheer pace of life today.  It’s hectic, and we struggle to keep up with a huge array of tasks and commitments.  Our heads spin with information, and we’re on a tread-mill with our consumer lifestyle – both consequences of the material progress we’ve made in the last decades....To read more, visit

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