Hope is a miracle

The point about hope is that it is something that occurs in very dark moments.  It is like a flame in the darkness.’  John Berger


In these dark days, when Covid 19 and its effects are added to all the other existing troubles in our world, hope is vital.  Hope is always available to us - it’s born in darkness, just as the stars are visible only when the sky is black.


In Greek mythology when Pandora lifted the lid of the box she had been forbidden to open, all kinds of evil spirits were let loose in the world to wreak havoc.  At the same time however, a healing spirit named Hope was released to help humanity deal with suffering.


Hope doesn’t deny the darkness, neither does it expect everything to be as it once was before the crisis, but it does mean we can go on rather than give way to despair.  And it’s worth hanging on, because hope is a miracle.  Quite simply it changes us, it changes the situation we find ourselves in, and is contagious, spreading beyond us to others.


Affirmation for the day  I remind myself that there is always hope, however dark things may seem


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