Is world peace ever achievable?


Today is World Peace Day and while war continues to be waged in Syria and other parts of the world, along with atrocities and injustices of every kind, we could be forgiven for depairing that peace can ever be achieved.

Deep down everyone wants the same thing.  We long for peace, but first we have to make peace with ourselves.  Without that, nothing changes.

The problem is that the world can never be transformed from the outside in, but only from the inside out.  We have to look at the world in a different way, for we cannot solve the complex political, social and economic problems we face, either nationally or globally, without paying attention to the inner dimensions of reality.

The good news is that consciousness is evolving and a new paradigm is emerging, but it's not one we read or hear much about in the media.  A shift is taking place - the evolution of consciousness is moving in the direction of greater compassion, inclusiveness, tolerance and empowerment, but the process is slow and painful.

One of the main ways we can help that process is through the power of prayer and meditation.  Each one of us can make a difference.  When we truly want the highest good for all of humanity, we can help transform our world, for we begin to act more consciously and wisely.

So a day to focus on World Peace and to use our prayers, meditations and affirmations to help shift negative to positive is important.  And when we make it a habit to focus on peace every day, we come closer to achieving it.

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