Let's flex our hope muscles!

'I wish I could show you,

When you are lonely or in darkness,

The Astonishing Light

Of your own Being.’ Hafiz


The autumn equinox is here and in the Northern Hemisphere longer nights and colder weather will soon be with us.  Gone are those lighter, brighter days of summer when we were out and about, less worried by the pandemic that has caused so much suffering worldwide.  The problem is there looks as if a second wave is developing and tighter restrictions on our movement have been imposed, so we may be feeling a sense of gloom and despondency about what lies ahead, particularly given all the ramifications of this virus.


We need to remain positive however.  There is no other way forward but to accept that things are as they are and to make the decision to be hopeful.

Once we’ve experienced what hope feels like, having flexed our hope muscles, we can hold on to it, magnifying it while building a vision of something better.  Hope make the present, with all it’s confusion and anxiety, less difficult to bear and gives us the energy to pursue our dream of a life and a world that looks different to what it did before.


Each new day, having awakened to a greater sense of meaning and purpose, we can cultivate a more expansive state of mind and enrich our lives with the prospect of a brighter future, one in which the essence of who we truly are is revealed, as the Persian Sufi poet Hafiz points out in the quotation above.


Affirmation for the day   I dare to hope that the future is brighter


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