Spirituality is on the increase

According to a new survey carried out in the UK*, almost half of those polled have no religion.  Hardly a surprise - given the general loss of trust in organizations and institutions, rampant materialism and prevailing liberal attitudes.

Fortunately it doesn’t mean that people don’t believe in a higher power or don’t engage in some kind of spiritual practice, such as prayer or meditation.

People may attend religious institutions less than they used to, but many still understand that they are spiritual beings and recognize that the soul needs to be nurtured just as much as the body and the mind.  When we neglect our souls, depression, addiction and loss of meaning and purpose are the result.

Many have chosen different ways to nourish the spirit, through meditation and mindfulness practice, yoga, reading poetry, chanting, silently contemplating or simply spending time in nature.

When we engage in such activity, we feel a sense of connection, of being at one with the source of our being, and we feel calm and less stressed by everything going on in the world around us.  We are able to feel more compassionate both towards ourselves and our fellow human beings.

Religion may be dying, but spirituality is growing.

*YouGov poll December 2015