A Dancing Star
A Dancing Star Inspirations to Guide and Heal

Price: £7.99
Published by: EC Books
Year: 2009

I say to you: one must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star.’  Nietzsche

Our lives are constantly subject to change, and frequently chaos ensues, both within and without.  Dreams, relationships, plans seldom work out as we had hoped; disappointment, failure, illness, tragedy, and finally death itself, cannot be avoided.  Suffering is part of the human condition, but it is not necessary to keep on suffering.

Throughout history others have trod the same path of human experience and have had insight into how we can rise above the circumstances we find ourselves in.  At times we all need inspiration to comfort and motivate us when we feel we have lost our way and life has lost its meaning.

Change and chaos are in fact our greatest opportunity to learn and to grow as human beings.  With inspiration and motivation comes the necessary shift in consciousness;  and with it the healing and the energy to move forward and to create the future we long for.

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