Wake Up & Hear the Thunder!
Wake Up & Hear the Thunder! Finding Hope in a Hopeless World

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Published by: EC Books
Year: 2012

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Do you want to make sense of the monumental shift that is taking place in the world?

Everywhere we can see the collapse of the old order.  We seem to stand on the brink, with war and terror, mass migration, social unrest, economic meltdown and environmental disaster staring us in the face.  Yet all these crises are wake-up calls forcing us to reassess the way we live.  We are not breaking down as a civilization but breaking through, as the impulse of evolution drives us to a new level of consciousness.

In this inspirational book Eileen Campbell offers a vision of hope for the future and shows that all over the world a growing number of people from all walks of life, young and old, are choosing to live their lives differently, in a manner that is more co-operative, more peaceful and more sustainable.

The book includes 10 Wisdom Keys which are designed to help each one of us in the transition from the old era to the new.

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