A Lively Flame
A Lively Flame Inspirations on Love and Relationships

Price: £7.99
Published by: EC Books
Year: 2009

‘Love…like a lively flame and burning torch forces its way upwards and securely passes through all things.’  Thomas a Kempis

Deep down we all want to be loved and in close relationship with others.  Yet it is extraordinarily difficult to achieve this.  Whilst our relationships can be a source of joy and great fulfilment for us, they are also often the cause of our greatest pain and heartbreak.

Largely it is our understanding of love that is at fault.  A sense of oneness with what we love is what we often seek, but our expectations lead us astray.  Our perceptions need to change.  We tend not to love ourselves enough, and until we can do that, we are not truly able to love another.  Once we are able to accept ourselves, we can accept others as they are – our love is no longer conditional.

We each need to strive to cultivate love as a state of mind.  When we are compassionate in our thoughts and actions, then there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome in a relationship.  It is in giving love, that we experience the miracle of love.

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