The Woman’s Book of Joy
The Woman’s Book of Joy Listen to Your Heart, Live with Gratitude, and Find Your Bliss

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Published by: Conari Press
Year: 2016

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As women we have to deal with many challenges in our lives and often we are more caring of others than we are of ourselves.  Low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression are all too common when our lives are less fulfilling than they might be. 

Yet deep within us we have a tremendous resource – a capacity for real joy that is not dependent on anything external.  It is always available to us whatever we are going through, and when we are in contact with it, nothing is impossible. It flows through us when we choose to have a different perspective on our lives.

When we are able to access this inner joy we can appreciate how strong we really are and can live more authentically, in touch with our true selves.  We naturally become more loving because we feel more whole and are in tune with our purpose.  We can be more confident about a future that is fulfilling and exciting, and find ourselves radiating joy to all those around us.

Eileen Campbell inspires women everywhere to get in touch with this wellspring of joy.  By reading The Woman’s Book of Joy and by reflecting on a section and adopting and working with an appropriate affirmation, we can begin the process of healing and watch our lives overflow with real joy.

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